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Since 1993 of release

Repair and car operation

Citroen Xantia
+ Introduction
+ The operation manual
+ Routine maintenance
+ Engine repair
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ The power supply system and release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
- Power shafts
   Removal and installation of power shafts
   Replacement of rubber protective covers of SHRUS of power shafts
   Major repairs of power shafts - the general information
   Replacement of the intermediate bearing of the right power shaft
+ Uniform hydraulic system
+ Brake system
+ Running gear and steering
+ Body and salon furnish
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electric equipment schemes

Replacement of rubber protective covers of SHRUS of power shafts

Cover of an external SHRUS


1. Remove a power shaft (Removal and installation of power shafts see).
2. Clamp a shaft in a vice with soft sponges (the external hinge upwards) and release two bandage tapes of fastening of a protective cover. In case of need tapes can be cut off.
3. Remove a cover from assemblage of an external SHRUS and shift it downwards on a shaft. Remove surplus of greasing.
4. The sharp blows of a hammer put through brass выколотку, bring down from the shaft end an external SHRUS. The hinge fastens on a shaft by means of a lock ring which at drawing of blows on an assemblage inside should will be drowned in the flute.
5. Having removed the hinge, take from a flute on a shaft pin a lock ring (at assemblage the ring is subject to replacement without fail).
6. Remove from a shaft a protective cover of an external SHRUS. Remove also the plastic plug established from the interior of a cover.
7. Carefully wipe the hinge of equal angular speeds removed from a shaft (take advantage of kerosene, or other suitable solvent), then dry assemblage and make visual check of its condition.
8. Move equipped шлицами internal conducted section here and there, serially checking a condition of each of hinge balls at the top holders. Pay attention to such defects, as cracks and cavities.
9. Check up a condition of paths качения internal and external sections of the hinge. Occurrence of the expanded sites leads to infringement of density of landing of balls. Simultaneously estimate degree of deterioration of a separator, make sure of absence of cracks between its windows.
10. In case of revealing of the defective or worn out components all assemblage of the hinge is subject to replacement. In certain cases it is necessary to replace all assemblage of a power shaft, - consult on a car repair shop. If the hinge condition is recognised by satisfactory, prepare the repair complete set consisting of new lock rings, a protective cover with pair bandage tapes and a tube with special greasing.
11. Process of installation of a new protective cover in detail see more low in subsection "Installation of a new protective cover". Try to follow the resulted instructions strictly. Pay attention that the cover should be not necessarily equipped by a plastic ring, except that, entering in ремнабор bandage tapes can differ from shown on pictures. For fastening of the shown bandage tapes it is necessary to compress together the lock ends, completely having chosen a taking place weak point, then accurately to bend an acting uvula бокорезами.
12. Check up freedom of rotation of the SHRUS in all directions, then establish on the car a power shaft (Removal and installation of power shafts see).

Installation of a new protective cover


1. Installation on a cover of an external SHRUS of a ring from firm plastic.

2. Putting on of a protective cover is made after landing to a pin of a shaft of the new plastic plug (it is shown by an arrow).

3. Landing of an inside of a cover to the plastic plug.

4. Landing of a new lock ring of fastening of the SHRUS in the flute on a power shaft pin.

5. Landing of the SHRUS to a shaft pin (make sure of reliability of fixing of assemblage by a lock ring).

6. Stuffing of the SHRUS by greasing from a rem-set (greasing is squeezed out in the hinge at simultaneous rotation of the last); having finished, plant on hinge assemblage external edge of a protective cover (the sealing fillet of a cover should get to a flute on a surface of external section of the SHRUS).

7. Fixing of a protective cover by an external bandage tape by means of a hook and flat-nose pliers (track completeness выбирания a weak point).

8. Trimming of surplus of the bent end of a bandage tape.

9. The free end of a bandage tape is bent under its lock.

10. Pressing of the lock for fastening in this position.

11. A tightening of an internal bandage tape of fastening of a protective cover.

Cover of an internal SHRUS


1. Remove a power shaft.
2. Remove an external SHRUS (the subsection "Cover of an external SHRUS", subitem 1-4 see).
3. Wind with an adhesive tape шлицы an external pin of a power shaft and accurately remove a protective cover of an external SHRUS and the landing plastic plug.

Replacement of covers will make more correctly in steam.

4. Release fixing bandages and remove from a shaft a protective cover of the internal hinge, and also its landing plastic plug. After отпускания a cover the external section of an internal SHRUS also can be removed from a shaft.

5. Carefully wash out assemblage of the hinge by kerosene or other suitable solvent, then dry. Estimate a condition of components триподной assemblage and external section of the hinge. Check up freedom of rotation of rollers.
6. At revealing of signs of deterioration or mechanical damages триподной assemblage or external section the hinge is subject to replacement in gathering with shaft. If the hinge is perfectly in order, prepare the repair set consisting of a new cover, bandage tapes and a tube with special greasing. Composers of the present Management recommend to make simultaneously replacement of a protective cover of the external hinge, without dependence from its condition.
7. Fill assemblage of an internal SHRUS by greasing, pushing it in accessible internal cavities of the turned hinge.
8. Wipe a shaft and clear it of traces of corrosion by means of a fine-grained emery paper. Try заполировать any teases and the roughnesses, capable to lead to failure of a new cover. Put on a shaft the new plastic plug and a protective cover of an internal SHRUS. Get the plastic plug in special deepening on a shaft, from above plant a cover.
9. Put on a shaft pin external section of the hinge, from above pull a cover, having filled its edge in a flute on a body of external section. Plant external section on the hinge so that it was compressed подпружиненный плунжер, then raise edge of a cover for the purpose of alignment of pressure. Fix a cover two bandage tapes (the subsection "Cover of an external SHRUS", item 11 see). Make sure of reliability of fixing of a cover bandages.

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