Toyota 4 Runner/Hilux/Surf

1987-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Тойота 4Раннер
- 1. The maintenance instruction
   1.2. The panel of devices
   1.3. The combined devices
   1.4. A designation of symbols of light indexes
   1.5. Keys
   1.6. Immobilizer system (recognition of a code of start-up of the engine)
   + 1.7. Doors
   1.8. A cover of a fuel tank
   1.9. Adjustment of a forward seat
   1.10. Adjustment of an inclination of a steering wheel
   1.11. Adjustment of position of a rear-view mirror
   1.12. A plafond of internal illumination
   1.13. A plafond of individual illumination
   1.14. A cleaner and a windscreen washer
   1.15. A cleaner and a washer of back glass
   + 1.16. Headlights and turn indexes
   1.17. A heater of back glass
   1.18. The index of a stock of fuel
   1.19. The remote thermometer of cooling means
   1.20. A measuring instrument of pressure of oil
   1.21. The voltmeter
   1.22. A tachometre
   1.23. The counter of the general run and the counter of daily run
   + 1.24. Indexes and warning signals
   1.25. The lock of ignition and the lock of a steering column
   1.26. An automatic box
   1.27. Radio receiver AM-UKV with electronic adjustment
   1.28. The AM-UKV-RADIO TAPE RECORDER with electronic adjustment
   1.29. Adjustment of a direction of a stream of air
   1.30. Controls a heater
   1.31. Hours
   1.32. Cigar Lighter and an ashtray
   1.33. A perchatochnyj box
   1.34. The container for trifles
   + 1.35. Actions at refusal of start-up of the engine
   1.36. Identification numbers of the car
   1.37. Identification number
   1.38. The production certificate
   1.39. A VECI-label
   1.40. Numbers on transmission units
   1.41. A raising of the car a jack
+ 2. Maintenance service
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Systems of heating, ventilation
+ 5. Fuel and exhaust systems
+ 6. Transmissions
+ 7. Transmission elements
+ 8. Brake system
+ 9. A suspension bracket and a steering
+ 10. A body
+ 11. An electric equipment
+ 12. Electroschemes

1.2. The panel of devices

The panel of devices

1. The combined devices
2. The switch of headlights and a movement directional marker
3. Deblocking рычажок for adjustment
Wheel on height
4. A lateral nozzle
5. The switch of a cleaner of headlights or a regulator-switch of headlights
6. The switch of the back
Antifog headlight
7. A regulator of illumination of devices
8. Deblocking рычажок a cowl
9. Deblocking рычажок covers of a fuel tank
10. A drive regulator on a forward axis
11. The lever of switching of a mechanical transmission or a control lever of an automatic transmission
12. The remote switch to a back window or the switch of a heater of a seat
13. The lever of switching of a drive on a forward axis
14. Электроwindow lifter
15. An external mirror
16. A height measuring instrument
17. The bias index
18. An internal rear-view mirror without blinding action

1. The alarm system switch
2. The switch of a heater back
3. The switch of a cleaner and
Washer of back glass
4. The switch of a cleaner and
Washer of glasses
5. An external mirror
6. An adjusting element to a rear-view mirror
7. The central lock
8. Электроwindow lifter
9. The ignition lock
10. The lever of a manual brake
11. The remote switch to back glass
12. A lighter
13. An ashtray
14. Кассетник
15. A ware box
16. A lateral nozzle
17. Radio
18. Elements of management of heating systems, the conditioner or cooling system
19. Hours
20 Central nozzles
21. Hatch switches

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