Audi 80/90/Coupe

Since 1986-1991 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi 80/90/Coupe
+ 1.2. Car identification
- 2. Engines, carburettors
   2.1.2. Removal and engine installation (5-cylinder models)
   2.1.3. Dismantling and assemblage of engines
   2.1.4. A head of the block of cylinders, the mechanism timing
   + 2.2. An engine electric equipment
   - 2.3. Carburettors
      - Check and carburettor adjustment Check of turns of idling Check and adjustment of maintenance CO Fast check of functioning of the carburettor Check of a probe of Ljambda Check of the gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid Check of an air diaphragm Check of a potentiometer of a throttle Carburettor preset values 2EE
      + 2.3.2. Carburettors Keihin
3. Greasing system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. An exhaust system
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Suspension brackets, wheels
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. A steering
+ 12. A body, salon
+ 13. A central air
+ 14. An electric equipment Fast check of functioning of the carburettor

The equipment of management of carburettor Ecotronic at failure of a probe of Ljambda works according to the emergency program. For the purpose of check of this function it is necessary to spend simulation of damage of a probe of Ljambda. Simultaneously it is necessary to observe functioning заслонки the start-up equipment, whether it functions normally.

1) warm up the engine to temperature 60 ° With
2) remove the case of the air filter
3) remove from outside the carburettor the vacuum pipeline connecting a temperature regulator and the carburettor; the union densely закупорьте
4) start the engine and leave it idling
5) disunite a connecting wire of a probe of Ljambda, observing simultaneously of a diaphragm of the equipment of start-up. The emergency program of the equipment of start-up should cause diaphragm installation at an angle 60 ° - наискос. The emergency control module Otherwise can be damaged, a wire of a probe of Ljambda will close on weight or the regulator of a diaphragm of the equipment of start-up is damaged
6) if diaphragm position correct, it is necessary to close approximately for 20 seconds a green wire from a bunch feeding a probe of Ljambda (a wire to the management equipment) with weight. The diaphragm should slowly a few be covered. Otherwise it is necessary to check up, whether there are no damages of connecting wires, and if necessary to replace the management equipment

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