Citroen Xantia

Since 1993 of release

Repair and car operation

Citroen Xantia
+ Introduction
+ The operation manual
+ Routine maintenance
+ Engine repair
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ The power supply system and release
- Engine electric equipment
   + Start and charge systems
   - Ignition system - petrol models
      Diagnostics of malfunctions of system of ignition
      Removal, check and installation of the coil of ignition
      Check of installation and adjustment of a corner of an advancing of ignition
   + Preheat system - diesel models
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Uniform hydraulic system
+ Brake system
+ Running gear and steering
+ Body and salon furnish
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electric equipment schemes

Removal, check and installation of the coil of ignition



1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery. Assemblage ВВ of the coil of ignition (module DIS) is located at the left on a head of cylinders.

2. Release a clamp and disunite an electric socket of the coil.

3. Mark and disconnect from plugs of coil VV of a wire.
4. Turn out four fixing screws and remove ВВ the coil from the basic arm. Take the removed module from an impellent compartment.



1. For check of conductivity primary (plugs “+” НВ - “-”) and secondary (plugs “+ НВ - ВВ) coil windings translate a universal measuring instrument of chains in an ohmmeter mode. Remember that on four conclusions ВВ of the coil of static type it is necessary two complete sets of windings. Compare results to requirements of Specifications. It is necessary to notice that resistive resistance of windings somewhat depends on assemblage temperature. The values resulted in Specifications are fair for coil temperature + 20°С.
2. Make sure of absence of conductivity between ВВ the plug and the module case / a basic arm.
3. In case of revealing of signs of infringements before to replace assemblage consult at experts of a car repair shop.


Installation is made upside-down. Track for correctness of connection and reliability of fastening of electroconducting, including ВВ wires.

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