Subaru Legacy/Outback

1999-2003 of release

Repair and car operation

Subaru Legasi, Autbek
+ Cars Subaru Legacy, Outback
- The operation manual
   - Access, protection
      Keys - the general information
      The uniform lock (at a corresponding complete set)
      The switch of ignition/lock of blocking of a steering column
      System иммобилизации the engine
      window raiser
      Luggage space cover (Legacy the Sedan)
      Back door (Legacy the Versatile person and Outback)
      The top hatches (at a corresponding complete set)
      Access in подкапотное space
   + Elements of systems of safety
   + The car equipment, arrangement of devices and controls
   + Comfort
   + Operation receptions
+ Routine maintenance
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ The power supply system and release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual box and differential
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment


Unlocking and lock-out of doors outside

1. For door lock-out outside by means of a key turn a key in a direction to a back part of the car. For door unlocking turn a key in a direction to a forward part of the car.

2. For opening of not locked door on the lock delay upwards the external handle.

3. For lock-out of a forward door outside without a key wring out back built in the internal handle of a door blocking рычажок and slam a door, having lifted the external handle.

4. For lock-out of a door of a back outside without a key turn the internal lever of the lock back and close a door.
5. Before leaving lock all lateral doors, and in models Legacy the Versatile person and Outback also a back door.

At lock-out of doors outside without a key try not to leave keys in salon.

Unlocking and lock-out of doors from within

1. For door lock-out from within turn built in the internal handle of a door blocking рычажок the lock back. For door unlocking turn рычажок forward.

2. In the unlocked position of the lock the red label on blocking рычажке, - becomes visible now to open a door enough to pull on itself the handle.
3. Before a start of motion make sure of density захлопывания all doors, including a back door (Legacy the Versatile person and Outback).

Additional blocking of locks of back doors (Child Lock)

1. Additional blocking is provided for the purpose of the prevention of casual unlocking of back doors of the car as a result of pranks of children transported on a back seat.

2. Open a door and translate blocking рычажок position LOCK to (Lock), - after захлопывания the door can be opened only outside.

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