Subaru Legacy/Outback

1999-2003 of release

Repair and car operation

Subaru Legasi, Autbek
+ Cars Subaru Legacy, Outback
- The operation manual
   - Access, protection
      Keys - the general information
      The uniform lock (at a corresponding complete set)
      The switch of ignition/lock of blocking of a steering column
      System иммобилизации the engine
      window raiser
      Luggage space cover (Legacy the Sedan)
      Back door (Legacy the Versatile person and Outback)
      The top hatches (at a corresponding complete set)
      Access in подкапотное space
   + Elements of systems of safety
   + The car equipment, arrangement of devices and controls
   + Comfort
   + Operation receptions
+ Routine maintenance
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ The power supply system and release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual box and differential
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

The switch of ignition/lock of blocking of a steering column

The ignition lock is located on the right on a steering column. The key can occupy one of four fixed positions in the lock:

LOCK - blocking
ACC - auxiliary consumers of the electric power (lay position)
ON - ignition is included
START - engine start

Position «LOCK» - blocking

The key can be entered into the lock or is taken from it only in the given position. At turn of the ignition key from position «LOCK» in position «ACC» occurs разблокирование a steering column. To turn a key from position «ACC» in position «LOCK», it is necessary to press slightly preliminary it, a few having drowned in the lock. Besides, on the models equipped with automatic transmission, an additional condition of the permission of start obligatory transfer of the lever of the selector in position «Р» is.

Blocking of a steering column is carried out automatically at attempt to turn a steering wheel after extraction of a key from the ignition lock.

Blocking of a steering column sometimes results impossibility to turn a key in the ignition lock. In such situation it is necessary to turn slightly a steering wheel in this or that party (for the purpose of loading removal), simultaneously turning a key in the lock.

 At all do not take a key from the lock from the lock of ignition during movement! It will inevitably lead to blocking of a steering column and control loss over management. Take out a key from the lock only after a full stop of the car!

Position «ACC» - lay

In the given position of the ignition key possibility of functioning of auxiliary consumers of the electric power (an audiosystem, lighter, the heater fan, screen wipers etc.) is provided.

Position «ON» - ignition is included

The ignition key is in the given position constantly during car movement, and also at engine work on single turns. An electric food of all systems and the additional equipment established on the car is simultaneously provided. At turn of a key from position «ACC» position «ON» quickly joins some from located on an instrument guard of the car of control lamps, confirming serviceability of functioning of corresponding control systems.

At a corresponding complete set key turn in position «ON» leads to automatic activation of running fires of light time of days (DRL).

Position «START» - start

At key turn in the given position there is a starter inclusion. After realisation of start of the engine the key should be released, and it will automatically return to position «ON».

If the car is equipped by system иммобилизации engine start will be blocked if the anticreeping system does not identify a key code (see Section the System иммобилизации the engine).

Illumination of the lock of ignition

For the purpose of simplification of access to the ignition lock in the dark at opening of any of car doors (including a back door on models the Versatile person), is activated lock illumination. Illumination functions within several seconds after closing of doors, then is gradually disconnected. At key introduction in the lock illumination is disconnected instantly.

Illumination of the lock of ignition can be activated also at unlocking of the uniform lock from panel DU (see Has undressed the Uniform lock (at a corresponding complete set)).

Alarm buzzer «do not forget to take out the ignition key» (at a corresponding complete set)

On some models opening of a driver's door at left in the lock of ignition and turned in position LOCK or АСС a key leads to operation of the special alarm buzzer warning the driver about necessity to take a key before оставлением of the car.

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