Audi A3

Since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi A3
+ The maintenance instruction
+ Current leaving and service
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
- The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
   - The power supply system
      Removal and installation of the fuel pump/gauge of a stock of fuel
      Removal and installation of the fuel filter
      Adjustment of a drive of gas
      Removal and installation of the case of the air filter
      Remote control connection by the fuel pump for carrying out of checks
      Check of the fuel pump
      Check of the relay of the fuel pump
   + System of injection of fuel
   + System of injection of the diesel engine
   + System of release of the fulfilled gases
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual box of a gear change
+ Automatic transmission and models with a full drive
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electroschemes

The power supply system


Fuel tank, the fuel pump and the fuel filter

1 - a hose of a modulation of fuel
2 - a sealing ring. It is necessary to replace necessarily.
3 - the gravitational valve. For valve removal
4 - ventilating трубка*
To an adsorber.
5 - a stopper of a fuel tank
The damaged sealing ring replace.
6 - a sealing ring
7 - a rubber cup
8 - the ventilating valve
9 - connection with weight
10 - the screw, 10 Н•м
11 - ventilating pipes
12 - a fuel tank
13 - a collar, 2 Н•м
14 - a thermofilter
15 - a bolt, 25 Н•м
16 - a tightening nut, 2 Н•м
17 - a cover
18 - a collar of fastening of a tank
Pay attention to distinction in lengths.
19 - топливопровод, black
To the engine. At undocking press clamps on quick disconnect муфте.
20 - fuel фильтр*
The arrow on the filter case specifies in a channel direction. Instructions: at carrying out of service the filter does not vary.
21 - хомут*. For the fuel filter.
22 - a sealing ring. In the presence of damage replace. At installation moisten with fuel.
23 - the gauge of level of fuel/block of giving with fuel насосом*
24 - накидная a nut, 60 Н•м
25 - топливопровод, black. To the engine. At undocking press clamps on quick disconnect муфте.
26 - returnable топливопровод, dark blue. From the engine. Joins marks R to запорному to a flange. At undocking press clamps on quick disconnect муфте.
*) Only for the petrol engine.

The power supply system consists of a fuel tank, топливопроводов, the filter, the fuel pump and system of injection of fuel (separate Section).

The fuel tank made of plastic, is located at the car bottom before a back suspension bracket. The available stock of fuel is shown to the driver on the panel of devices. Ventilation of a fuel tank is carried out through the closed system of removal of air. At the petrol engine harmful steams of gasoline gather in an adsorber and move in chambers of combustion of the engine.

Essential influence on the fuel expense renders style of driving of the car. Some councils about the reasonable reference with a gas pedal are more low resulted.

1. After engine start at once get under way from a place even if it occurs on a frost.
2. At a car stop for a while more on 40 with, switch off the engine.
3. Move always on as much as possible high transfer.
4. At movement on the big distances whenever possible support uniform speed. Avoid movement on high speeds. Operate the car circumspectly. Without need do not brake.
5. Transport the car excessive cargo. If the luggage carrier is not used, remove it from a roof.
6. Check pressure of air in tyres. Do not suppose excessive pressure decrease.


At work with fuel system it is necessary to observe following security measures and cleanliness:
Do not use near to a workplace open fire, do not smoke and do not hold any strongly разогретых subjects. There is a danger of accident! Keep in readiness the fire extinguisher.
Watch normal ventilation of a workplace. Fuel steams are poisonous.

7. The fuel system is under pressure. At opening of system fuel can be pulled out under pressure. Collect fuel a rag. Use goggles.
8. Shlangovye connections fasten by means of tape or tightening collars. It is necessary to replace tightening collars with tape collars or collars of last design necessarily. For installation of tape collars there is a special adaptation, for example HAZET 796-5 or AUDI-1921.
9. Connections and places adjoining to them before opening carefully clear.
10. The removed details stack on a pure lining and close. Apply for this purpose polyethylene or a paper. Do not apply for this purpose a fibrous fabric!
11. Carefully close open details or put technological заглушки if repair lasts some time.
12. Establish into place only pure details. Spare parts take out from packing only directly ahead of installation. Do not apply details which were stored unpacked (for example, stored in a tool box).
13. At open fuel system do not apply whenever possible compressed air. Whenever possible do not move thus the car.
14. Do not apply some hermetics containing silicone. The elements which have got to the engine of silicone in the engine do not burn down and damage the oxygen gauge.


Before tank removal merge from it fuel or pump out fuel pump specially provided for this purpose.
The fuel tank acts in film from the bottom party of the car. Before a detachment of collars of fastening of a tank bring to it from below a jack and linings.
The empty tank is explosive and cannot be utilised in such kind. Before recycling the tank should be cut on a part. Watch that thus there was no spark. For this purpose hand over a fuel tank in the specialised enterprise.
After tank installation into place start the engine and check up tightness of all connections.

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