Audi A3

Since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi A3
+ The maintenance instruction
+ Current leaving and service
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
- The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
   - The power supply system
      Removal and installation of the fuel pump/gauge of a stock of fuel
      Removal and installation of the fuel filter
      Adjustment of a drive of gas
      Removal and installation of the case of the air filter
      Remote control connection by the fuel pump for carrying out of checks
      Check of the fuel pump
      Check of the relay of the fuel pump
   + System of injection of fuel
   + System of injection of the diesel engine
   + System of release of the fulfilled gases
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual box of a gear change
+ Automatic transmission and models with a full drive
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electroschemes

Removal and installation of the fuel pump/gauge of a stock of fuel


The fuel pump together with the gauge of level of fuel at petrol engines is in a fuel tank of a reserve. At cars AUDI A3 with the diesel engine fuel is sucked in ТНВД. Therefore in a fuel tank the level gauge is located only. All-wheel drive cars owing to presence карданного a shaft taking a place, have a fuel tank, two-piece. In this case each of two half of fuel tank has the gauge of level. In the right tank there is an electric fuel pump.

The gauge of level of fuel consists of a float and a potentiometer. At fall of level of fuel falls as well a float. The potentiometer connected with a float increases thus resistance of the gauge. Thus, on the panel of devices pressure and the index of level of fuel decreases moves in a direction "is empty". At cars with a fuel tank, two-piece, the processor calculates the general stock of fuel on the basis of signals of both gauges, operating the index of a stock of fuel on the panel of devices.

At removal of the fuel pump some volume of fuel can flow out. Fuel steams are poisonous and inflammable, therefore it is necessary to watch especially good ventilation of a workplace. Exclude fuel hits on a skin. Use the mittens proof in relation to fuel. Do not use отрытым fire. There is a danger of occurrence of a fire! Keep in readiness the fire extinguisher.
Before removal of the fuel pump and the reserve gauge it is desirable to empty a tank. It is possible to apply the radial fan which electric motor is outside of an air stream to workplace ventilation.


1. Disconnect a negative cable (–) the storage battery at the switched off ignition.


Thereof the information from electronic blocks of memory, as, for example, a radio receiver code is erased. Without a code the radio receiver can be included only the manufacturer or HUNDRED AUDI. Therefore familiarise with materials of subsection Input of a code of a radio receiver.

2. Cast away a back seat and turn away a cover of the gauge of a reserve of fuel and the fuel pump.


The fuel system is under pressure! Before opening шланговых connections put on it a thick rag. Then cautiously open a hose and remove pressure. Use thus goggles.

3. Disconnect submitting–2 and returnable–1 pipelines, having compressed for this purpose stoppers on quick disconnect муфтах. Pipelines close stoppers, for example, a bolt with hermetic.
4. Расстыкуйте a socket of the gauge of a reserve of fuel / the fuel pump.
5. Turn on накидную a nut special tool AUDI-3217.


If the specified tool available is not present, turn away a nut by means of wooden бруска and easy blows of a hammer.
At all do not suppose formation of sparks.

6. Take out from an aperture of a fuel tank the pump block/gauge of a reserve and a sealing ring.
7. Merge fuel from the pump block in a tank or the corresponding capacity.
8. Remove if necessary the gauge of a reserve of fuel. For this purpose release connections of wires–3 and–4. Raise a screw-driver lock laths–1 and–2 and remove the gauge downwards.


1. Insert the gauge in directing on the holder and press before fixing upwards. Join electric wires on the reserve gauge.
2. Establish the pump block in a fuel tank. Watch that the gauge of the index of a reserve of fuel thus was not bent. A sealing ring before installation moisten with fuel.
3. Check up flange position. The arrow on a cover should specify in an arrow direction on a tank, thus address to an illustration.
4. Tighten накидную a nut special tool AUDI-3217, effort of an inhaling 60 N.Mozhno to tighten накидную a nut easy blows of a hammer through wooden брусок.
5. Attach submitting and returnable hoses, thus quick disconnect connections should be fixed. At fastening apply new tape collars. The returnable hose has the dark blue colour submitting the black. Arrows on a flange specify a direction of movement of a liquid.
6. Join electric connections.
7. Fix a cover of the gauge of a reserve of fuel.
8. Put into place a back seat.
9. Attach a negative cable (–) to a battery accumulator room.


Make active automatics of safety electric Glass lifts, enter a radio receiver code, establish hours, thus address to subsection Input of a code of a radio receiver.

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