Audi A3

Since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi A3
+ The maintenance instruction
+ Current leaving and service
+ The engine
- Systems of cooling, heating
   + System of cooling of the engine
   - Systems of ventilation, heating and air conditioning
      The general information and security measures
      Removal and installation air дефлекторов
      Removal and installation of a nozzle of area of feet
      Removal and installation of a drive of a heater/replacement of a lamp
      Removal and installation of cables of a drive of management of a heater
      Removal and installation of the fan of fresh air
      Removal and installation of the additional resistor
      The conditioner
      Removal and compressor installation
      Conditioner diagnostics on codes on the display of the block of its management
+ The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual box of a gear change
+ Automatic transmission and models with a full drive
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electroschemes

Systems of ventilation, heating and air conditioning

The general information and security measures


Heater and air conditioner

1 – a heater drive
2 – the switch заслонки fresh and ventilating air
The switch is rigidly connected with a drive of a heater and cannot separately be replaced.
3 – a nozzle of area of feet
4 – the heating channel of a back part of salon
5 – a connecting element
6 – a nozzle of area of feet
7 – a heater casing
8 – the heat exchanger
9 – the top air-conducting channel
10 – the additional resistor of the fan
11 – приводной the motor заслонки fresh/circulating air
12 – the fan


Switch illumination is carried out by an optical path, there is only one lamp накаливания. For lamp replacement remove the fan switch. Hм at take out from a cartridge flat-nose pliers. Since the middle of 1997 of release replacement by a light-emitting diode (LED) is made. Last is not replaced.

Components of system of heating, ventilation and the air conditionings located in salon of the car

1 – nozzles of lateral glasses
2 – nozzles
3 – a nozzle of defrosting of glasses
4 – controls hot and fresh air
5 – the prorate
6 – a cross-beam of the panel of devices
7 – the antidust filter of air of salon
8 – the electric motor
Fresh air / ventilating заслонки
9 – the fan of fresh air
10 – the additional resistor
With a thermal safety lock
11 – the heating device
12 – the central peak
13 – a nozzle of giving of air in area of feet
14 – the forward channel
15 – consolidation
16 – a connecting element
17 – draught of a drive of a heater
18 – the heat exchanger
19 – consolidation of a joint the heat exchanger/partition of an impellent compartment
20 – the prorate for snuffled defrosting of glasses

The case of a heater with elements of system of heating and salon ventilation

1 – the heat exchanger
After removal the cooling liquid should be replaced completely.
2 – саморез
It is required in that case when lock pads of the heat exchanger are broken.
3 – a casing воздухораспределителя
It is not necessary to assort.
4 – the electric motor заслонки fresh air/circulation
5 – саморез
6 – a casing of fresh air
7 – a cover of a casing of fresh air
8 – саморез
9 – the additional resistor
With an overheat safety lock.
10 – саморез
11 – the lever central заслонки
12 – the lever temperature заслонки
13 – the basis
14 – consolidation the heat exchanger/partition of an impellent compartment
Consolidation has a label on a face surface. Consolidation is necessary for establishing so that мета has coincided with Hм кировкой on the basis

The scheme of a central air of air of salon

1 – the compressor
2 – the gauge of number of turns of the compressor
3 – electromagnetic Hм уфта
4 – a stopper of removal Hм сла
5 – a safety valve
6 – a connecting element with the valve
7 – the high pressure switch
For the conditioner and electromagnetic Hм уфты
8 – a cover
With consolidation, necessarily it should be fixed.
9 – service joining
At the condenser.
10 – the condenser
11 – carving connection in the pipeline of a cooling liquid
12 – a throttle
It is built in connection-11.
13 – the evaporator
14 – the switch of low pressure \a contour of a cooling liquid
15 – a connecting element with the valve
16 – capacity for gathering
HD – the high pressure party
ND – the party of low pressure

The placing scheme in an impellent compartment of components of systems of heating and an air conditioning

1 – the dust removal filter
2 – a cover обтекателя
3 – the drainage valve of the evaporator
4 – sockets of the heat exchanger of a heater
5 – заслонка switchings of modes of giving of air (fresh air / the closed circulation) (N63)
6 – management of functioning of the fan of system of cooling (J293)
7 – the vacuum tank
8 – a vacuum hose
9 – the thermosensitive switch of the conditioner of air
10 – the condenser
11 – редукционный the valve
12 – Hм уфта couplings of the conditioner of air (N25)
13 – the gauge-switch of temperature of air (F38)
14 – the pressure gauge-switch in air central air (F129)
15 – a receiver-dehumidifier
16 – an observation port
17 – service valves low and a high pressure
18 – the broad valve

The general information and security measures

Air submitted system of ventilation in salon of the car through the filter, can be warmed up or be cooled depending on a choice of the driver and passengers. The heater or the conditioner settle down in a passenger compartment in the case under the panel of devices. All stream of air submitted to salon goes for heating or cooling through the same casing. The temperature and speed of a stream of air is regulated by means of controls located on the control panel.

Heat allocated at work of the engine, is transferred by a cooling liquid to the radiator of a heater located in salon. The brought stream of air from ventilation system passes through a radiator and heats up heat of a cooling liquid of the engine proceeding in a radiator. Heating degree is regulated by means of mixing in a certain parity of cold and hot air by means of mixing заслонки.

The conditioner in a cooling mode deletes excessive heat and a moisture from salon according to the basic physical principles. The coolant, free from FCKW (R 134), and not putting harm to the environment, circulating in the form of a liquid in that part of system where the high pressure is supported, evaporates and turns to gas on a site of low pressure. At gas expansion there is a cooling accompanied by selection of heat from air, submitted the fan in passenger salon and fall of its temperature. Further in process of passage through the condenser the coolant gives absorbed heat to air. The cycle of selection of heat proceeds infinitely long in process of coolant circulation on the closed contour. From air submitted to salon, there is a removal of a moisture owing to condensation on the evaporator of the refrigerating chamber.

The conditioner automatically supports the established value temperature of salon to constants.

Climatic installation Climatronic, unlike the usual conditioner, in addition to temperature automatically regulates quantity and air distribution. Regulation of quantity of air occurs smoothly by means of change of number of turns of the fan depending on a difference of temperatures between the established value of temperature and salon temperature.

Climatronic has in addition solar gauge which registers a sunlight. It is located in the centre of the panel of devices under a windscreen. At especially high sunlight the solar gauge automatically influences through an electronic control system number of turns of the fan and thus on the quantity of air submitted to salon. The established value of temperature in salon is corrected according to a sunlight.

The compressor, is set in motion by the electric motor.

The electronic monitor is built in the block of management of the conditioner. At manual installation of number of turns of the fan more low Hм нимума the heating/conditioner system is switched off.

The malfunctions which have arisen in a monitor or gauges and executive powers, register in memory of malfunctions of a monitor. The special device is applied to reading of codes of malfunctions.

Air central air represents potential danger. At its service observance of certain rules is required. For performance of the majority of operations on repair and central air service the special equipment and certain skills of work is required.

Body ventilation is provided by formation of a through stream of air. Fresh air gets in the car through an air inlet located before a windscreen. Air stream comes to light through the final channels located under a back bumper.

The size of a stream of air is regulated by the four-high-speed fan.

The system of heating of air of mixing type is intended for fast reaction to change of temperature of air in salon and reduction of a pulsation of temperature of the warmed-up air. The cooling liquid of system of cooling of the engine constantly circulates in a radiator of a heater and the stream of a cooling liquid is not regulated. The adjustable factor is the temperature of air which changes mixing заслонкой, defining quantity of air passing through a radiator of a heater before its hit in salon of the car.

For a hit exception in salon of the car of external air there is an air circulation mode.

Security measures at service of the air conditioner

The central air should be served by exclusively prepared technicians trained in safe working methods with application of the appropriate equipment with observance of rules of depressurization, acquainted with receptions of gathering and order of storage of an automobile coolant.

Do not suppose contact of a coolant to a skin.

At work near to a central air put on goggles.

At coolant hit on a skin or eyes do not pound the amazed place. Immediately wash out cold water during not less 15 Hм нут. Immediately address to the doctor or in a medical institution. Self-treatment is not supposed.

The coolant is stored in a new cylinder under pressure. Store a cylinder at temperature not above 50С. Take the measures excluding falling of a cylinder from height or other situations which can lead to its damage.

Works should be spent in well aired premise. The coolant quickly evaporates, leads to reduction of access of oxygen and the complicated breath.

The gaseous coolant is heavier than air and rather quickly should gather below, for example, under the car.
At coolant combustion poisonous gas is formed. Store a coolant far from open sources of fire. Do not smoke. At using ardent течеискателем avoid smoke inhalation.

At carrying out of welding works near to a central air to influence of a heat or an open flame. The overheat can lead to pressure increase in system and to ignition.

Clearing of the condenser or the evaporator by means of water steam is not supposed. It is necessary to use only cold water or compressed air.

For air exchange increase the 4-step fan of fresh air serves. That the fan at separate steps worked with various speed, resistors join. Resistors are in a connecting payment on the fan. In the presence of malfunctions the connecting payment is replaced in the complete set.

If fresh air does not be sucked in, for example, at bad external air, pressing of a key of circulating ventilation makes switching on air circulation. Thus air circulates only in salon. The switch displaces заслонку, influencing not the small electric motor.


If the Mode of defrosting of a windscreen joins, i.e. the switch of the distributor of air is established in final position above, the circulation mode is impossible.
Car A3 can be equipped also with the conditioner.
Conditioner repair here is not described. These works should be carried out in the conditions of specialised Hм стерской.
It is not necessary to open a contour of cooling of the conditioner as liquid hit on a skin can cause обморожение.
At casual hit of a liquid on a skin immediately wash out a place of defeat by cold water during not less 15 Hм н. The cooling liquid has no colour and a smell, and also it is heavier than air. At leaks of a cooling liquid there is a danger of a poisoning around the bottom or in the bottom part of the car (liquid presence is not felt).
At casual hit of a liquid on a skin immediately wash out a place of defeat by cold water during not less 15 Hм н. The cooling liquid has no colour and a smell, and also it is heavier than air. At leaks of a cooling liquid there is a danger of a poisoning around the bottom or in the bottom part of the car (liquid presence is not felt).

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