Audi A3

Since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi A3
- The maintenance instruction
   Cars of mark Audi A3/S3 - the summary
   Identification numbers of the car
   Acquisition of spare parts
   Technology of service, the tool and the workplace equipment
   Поддомкрачивание and towage
   Start of the engine from the auxiliary power supply
   Checks of readiness of the car to operation
   Automobile химикалии
   Diagnostics of malfunctions of knots and car systems
   Controls and receptions of safe operation
   Arrangement of controls and devices
   Keys, locks of a body with uniform management and the security alarm system
   Electric window raiser and rear-view mirrors
   Safety systems. Transportation of children
   Luggage carrier
   Adjustable steering column
   Manual brake
   Automatic transmission
   The device of the acoustic help at a parking
   The lock of ignition and engine start
   Control and measuring devices. Precautionary and diagnostic systems
   The travelling computer
   Switches and switches
   Screen wipers and washer
   Ventilation, heater and the conditioner of air of salon
   The podemno-sdvizhnaja panel крыши*
   Salon and luggage carrier illumination
   The salon equipment
   Luggage carrier on a roof
   Features of driving of the car and auxiliary systems (ABS, EDS, ASR, ESP)
   Trailer operation
   Fuelling and emergency unlocking of a cover refuelling лючка
   Readjustment of headlights
   The first-aid set
   Sign on an emergency stop
   The complete set of the tool and jack
   Spare wheel
+ Current leaving and service
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual box of a gear change
+ Automatic transmission and models with a full drive
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electroschemes

Controls and receptions of safe operation


Places of fastening of the tjagovo-drawbar

And fastening points
In not less than 77 mm
About 850 mm
And fastening places



Petrol engines

All models, except 132 kw equipped with engines (AJQ):
Neetilirovannyj gasoline is not worse PETROL–95
Application unleaded gasoline not worse PETROL–91 is supposed, thus capacity of the engine decreases.

Models with engines of 132 kw (AJQ):
Neetilirovannyj gasoline is not worse PETROL–98. Application unleaded gasoline not worse PETROL–95 is supposed, thus capacity of the engine decreases.

Diesel engines

Diesel fuel on DIN EN1) 590 Tsetanovoe number not less than 49
Biodiesel fuel on Е DIN 51 606 РМЕ (a methyl aether of vegetable oil)
Almost does not contain some sulphur. Therefore at combustion РМЕ almost are absent allocation of dioxide of sulphur (S02).

Fulfilled gases contains less:

oxide carbon,
– Hydrocarbon,
– A soot.

Decrease in capacity and increase in the expense of fuel can take place insignificant.

In a cold season mainly fill diesel fuel. Application РМЕ is supposed at temperature to-10S.
At temperature less-10S it is necessary to add diesel fuel in a proportion 1: 1 to prevent curling of fuel РМЕ.

Diesel engine operation in winter conditions

At use of a summer variant of diesel fuel at temperature more low 0С there can come faults in engine work that speaks густением fuel as a result of paraffin allocation.

Therefore apply "winter" diesel fuel. Depending on mark winter fuel provides uninterrupted operation at temperatures from-15S to-22S.

Do not add gasoline to diesel fuel, etc. diluents.

At poor quality of fuel removal of water from a sediment bowl of the fuel filter probably is required to be made more often, than it is provided by the schedule THAT.

For water removal turn on a hand a carving stopper in the bottom part of the filter. The water congestion in the filter can lead to infringements of work of the engine.

The specific expense of fuel, acc.. 93/116/EG in km l/100

Values for your car are resulted on a label in a niche of a spare wheel

(In brackets values for models with АТ) are resulted

City cycle / a country cycle / mixed cycle/maintenance СО2 g/km

10.5 (11.4)/5.9 (6.6)/7.6 (8.4)/182 (202)
11.8 (13.3)/6.4 (6.8)/8.4 (9.2)/202 (221)
1.8 Т
10.6 (12.9)/6.2 (6.6)/7.8 (8.9)/187 (214)
1.9 TDI (AGR, ALH)
6.5 (8.8)/4.1 (4.8)/4.9 (6.2)/132 (167)
1.9 TDI (AHF)
6.5 (8.8)/4.0 (4.8)/4.9 (6.2)/132 (167)
Refuelling capacities
Fuel tank
55 l or 62 l on models with a full drive
Including a reserve stock
7 l or 8 l on models with a full drive
3 l, 5.5 l at presence headlight wipers
Dynamic qualities
The maximum speed of movement / Time of dispersal to 100 km/h (In brackets values for models with АТ are resulted)
1.6 (AEH)
189 (184)/10.9 (12.7)
1.8 (AGN)
202 (197)/9.6 (11.2)
1.8 Т (AGU, AQA)
217 (214)/8.2 (9.2)
1.8 Т (AJQ)
228 (226)/7.5 (–)
1.9 TDI (AGR, ALH)
181 (177)/12.4 (13.7)
1.9 TDI (AHF)
194 (191)/10.5 (11.7)
1.9 TDI (ASZ)
205 (200)/9.2 (9.8)
Models with a full drive
1.8 Т (AGU, AQA)
215 (–)/8.2 (–)
1.8 Т (AJQ)
225 (–)/7.5 (–)
1.9 TDI (ASZ)
203 (–)/9.1 (–)
The size of tyres//the Size of disks//Depth запрессовки
195/65 R15 91H//6J х 15 H2//38 mm
185/65R15 88Q/T/H M+S//6J х 15 H2//38 mm
205/65 R15 89H//6J х 15 H2//38 mm
205/55 R16 91V//6J х 15 H2//44.5 mm
185/65R15//6J х 15 H2//38 mm
Spare wheel T125/90 R15
Pressure of air in tyres of forward wheels//back wheels
Average loading
Tyres 195/65 R15, 205/65 R15, 205/55 R16
Tyres 185/65R15, 225/45 R17W
Total load
Tyres 195/65 R15, 205/65 R15, 205/55 R16
Tyres 185/65R15, 225/45 R17W
Small-sized a spare wheel

Sizes of nominal pressure of air for all sizes of normal tyres established at factory (summer tyres, all-weather tyres) are specified on a label on a cover inside лючка fuel filler mouths. Pressure of a spare emergency wheel is specified on sidewall tyres.

Weight data

As much as possible admissible full weight, kg//Weight of the equipped car, kg
1650 (1695)//1165 (1210)
1720 (1745)//1235 (1260)
1.8 Т (AGU, AQA)
1735 (1755)//1250 (1270)
1.8 Т (AJQ)
1740 (1785)//1255 (1300)
1.9 TDI (AGR, ALH)
1745 (–)//1260 (–)
1.9 TDI (AHF)
1750 (–)//1265 (–)
1.9 TDI (ASZ)
1760 (1805)//1275 (1300)
Models with a full drive
1.8 Т (AGU, AQA)
1850 (–)//1365 (–)
1.8 Т (AJQ)
1865 (–)//1380 (–)
1.9 TDI (ASZ)
1880 (–)//1395 (–)
As much as possible safe load on a forward axis//on a back axis, kg
875 (920)//925 (925)
940 (965)//930 (930)
1.8 Т (AGU, AQA)
955 (975)//930 (930)
1.8 Т (AJQ)
960 (1010)//930 (925)
1.9 TDI (AGR, ALH)
970 (–)//925 (–)
1.9 TDI (AHF)
975 (–)//925 (–)
1.9 TDI (ASZ)
985 (1020)//925 (930)
Models with a full drive
1.8 Т (AGU, AQA)
970 (–)//1030 (–)
1.8 Т (AJQ)
990 (–)//1025 (–)
1.9 TDI (ASZ)
1005 (–)//1025 (–)
As much as possible safe load on a roof
As much as possible safe load on a trailer turnbuckle
Weight of the trailer, kg
The trailer which has been not equipped with brakes
1.8 Т (AGU, AQA)
1.8 Т (AJQ)
1.9 TDI (AGR, ALH)
1.9 TDI (AHF)
1.9 TDI (ASZ)
Models with a full drive
1.8 Т
1.9 TDI (ASZ)
The trailer equipped тормозами1)
On biases, %
To 12 / to 8
1200 (1200)/1400 (1400)
1200 (1300)/1400 (1500)
1.8 Т 1300 (1500)/1500 (1500)
1.9 TDI (AGR, ALH)
1300 (–)/1500 (–)
1.9 TDI (AHF)
1400 (–)/1500 (–)
1.9 TDI (ASZ)
1400 (1500)/1500 (1500)
Models with a full drive
1500 (–)/1600 (–)
Train weight, on a bias of 12 %
1.8 Т (AGU, AQA)
1.8 Т (AJQ)
1.9 TDI (AGR, ALH)
1.9 TDI (AHF)
1.9 TDI (ASZ)
Models with a full drive
1.8 Т (AGU, AQA)
1.8 Т (AJQ)
1.9 TDI (ASZ)
The basic sizes, mm
Width with mirrors
Height of the equipped car, approximately
Base of wheels
Track 2)
Forward wheels
Back wheels
The minimum diameter of a turn, m
The sizes of salon
Height of forward seats, mm
Height of back seats, mm
Free length (on a broken line) forward seats, mm
Free length of back seats, mm
Width on forward armrests, mm
Width on back armrests, mm
The sizes of a luggage carrier (In brackets values for models with a full drive are resulted)
Length at the normal and turned positions of a pillow of a back seat, mm
858 and 1492
The maximum width, mm
Width on casings of wheels, mm
Depth on verticals, mm
535 (429)
Loading height under a ceiling, mm
910 (811)
Capacity, at loading by parallelepipeds in the sizes 200х100х50, the second value at loading under a ceiling, l
Efforts of a tightening of carving connections
Nuts of wheels
120 Н m

* The positions marked with an asterisk, enter into a serial complete set only certain updatings and are delivered by request only for certain models, or offered only in the certain export markets.


The folder with documents of your car, along with the operation manual, includes also the service book. Besides, with documents you will find the brochure "On the journey" in a folder with phone numbers on which in Europe, if necessary, it is possible to receive the qualified help.

Depending on model and a car complete set various additional instructions (for example, on radio system operation) can be applied also.

Competent operation of the car in a combination to regular leaving and maintenance service promotes its safety and is, besides, in many cases one of conditions of acceptance of claims on a guarantee.

The service book

In the service book, in particular, contain:

– Key parametres of your car;
– Values of the expense of fuel and emission oxide carbon in the fulfilled gases;
– Data on periodicity of maintenance service;
– Maintenance service regulations.

In the service book also performance of regulations of maintenance service documentary proves to be true. It can be of great importance at a presentation of claims on a guarantee.

It is necessary to show the service book at each your reference on HUNDRED Audi.

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