Citroen Xantia

Since 1993 of release

Repair and car operation

Citroen Xantia
+ Introduction
+ The operation manual
+ Routine maintenance
+ Engine repair
+ Systems of cooling, heating
- The power supply system and release
   + The power supply system - petrol models
   - The power supply system - diesel models
      Filling of the power supply system with fuel and removal from it air stoppers
      Check and adjustment of the maximum turns of the engine
      Removal, installation and adjustment of the thermosensitive gauge of turns of fast idling
      Electromagnetic запорный the valve - the general data, removal and installation
      Removal and installation ТНВД
      Methods of check of installation of the moments of injection of fuel
      Check and adjustment of the moments of injection (ТНВД Lucas)
      Check and adjustment of the moments of injection (ТНВД Bosch)
      Check of serviceability of functioning, removal and installation of atomizers of injection of fuel
      Removal, installation and adjustment of a cable of gas
      Removal and installation of a pedal of gas
      Removal and assemblage installation топливозаборника with the gauge of the expense of fuel
      Removal and installation of a fuel tank
      Removal and installation of the inlet pipeline and final collector
      turbocharger - the general data and safety measures
      Removal and installation турбокомпрессора
      Check of a condition and regenerative repair турбокомпрессора
      Removal and installation of the built in cooler турбокомпрессора
      Removal and installation of an air cleaner and accompanying components
   + Systems of decrease in toxicity and release of the fulfilled gases
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Uniform hydraulic system
+ Brake system
+ Running gear and steering
+ Body and salon furnish
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electric equipment schemes

Filling of the power supply system with fuel and removal from it air stoppers


1. After рассоединения fuel lines/replacements of components of the power supply system, the fuel path should be filled by fuel then from it air leaves. Necessity for manual filling of system and its "prorolling" after full development of fuel is absent, - simply fill in fuel in a fuel tank, then start the engine (it can occupy slightly more than usually time): having squeezed out against the stop a gas pedal, include a starter and turn it the engine until there will be its start. As soon as the engine will earn, approximately for a minute lift its turns hardly above single for the purpose of removal of air stoppers from a power supply system path.

2. All models are equipped by the manual pump of preliminary filling of a path of the power supply system. The pump represents the rubber pear located in the right part of an impellent compartment.

3. For system filling ослабьте the gate of the prorolling which have been built in in a bolt штуцерного of connection of inlet line ТНВД.
4. Start to compress a pear of manual filling of a path until free fuel from air bubbles will not start to exude through the prorolling gate. On it it is possible to consider procedure of filling of system finished (do not forget to tighten the prorolling gate).
5. Include ignition (for the purpose of activation запорного the valve). Continue to swing плунжер path fillings until there will be a sensation of firm resistance, then rock some more time.
6. If air considerable quantity has got to the pump, wrap up the returnable union rags and ослабьте connection. Work плунжером fillings (at the included ignition), or expel air 10-sekndnymi starter inclusions. As soon as fuel leaving through the union will be released from air bubbles, tighten штуцерное connection and collect the spilt fuel.

Be ready to muffle instantly at any moment the engine in case of ignition!

7. If air has got to tubes of atomizers, wrap up their rags штуцерные connections, ослабьте them and turn the engine a starter until tubes will not start to leave pure fuel. Tighten unions, collect the spilt fuel.

Be ready to muffle instantly at any moment the engine in case of ignition!

8. Start the engine at completely squeezed out pedal of gas (it can occupy slightly more than usually time: the system should leave last rests of air).

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