Opel Kadett E

1984-1991 of release

Repair and car operation

Opel Kadett E
+ 1. The maintenance instruction
+ 2. Weekly checks and service in a way
+ 3. Maintenance service
+ 4. The engine
+ 5. System of cooling, heating and ventilation
- 6. Fuel and exhaust systems
   - 6.1. Models with the carburettor
      6.1.1. A technical characteristics
      6.1.2. Use unleaded gasoline
      6.1.3. Removal and installation of the case of the air filter
      6.1.4. System of adjustment of temperature of air arriving in the engine
      6.1.5. Check, removal and installation of the fuel pump
      6.1.6. Removal and installation of the gauge of level of fuel
      6.1.7. Removal and installation of a fuel tank
      6.1.8. Removal, installation and adjustment of a cable of an accelerator
      6.1.9. Removal and installation of a pedal of an accelerator
      6.1.10. Removal, installation and adjustment of a cable of management air заслонкой
      + 6.1.11. Carburettors
      6.1.12. Check of the electromagnetic valve of a stopping delivery of fuel
      6.1.13. Removal and carburettor installation
      + 6.1.14. Carburettor repair
      6.1.15. Removal and installation of an inlet collector
      6.1.16. Removal and installation of a final collector
      6.1.17. Removal and installation of a heater of an inlet collector
      6.1.18. Removal and exhaust system installation
   + 6.2. Models with system of injection of fuel
   + 6.3. Models with engines 16D and 16DA
   + 6.4. Models with engines 17D and 17DR
+ 7. Start and gymnastics system
+ 8. Ignition system
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. Transmissions and power shafts
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. A suspension bracket and a steering
+ 13. A body
+ 14. Electric schemes

6.1.7. Removal and installation of a fuel tank


1. Remove a wire of weight from the accumulator.
2. Through топливозаливную a mouth pump out fuel from a fuel tank.
3. Lift a back part of the car and fix on supports.

The prevention

It is undesirable to remove a fuel tank on the car established over a viewing hole as in a viewing hole fuel steams accumulate that the damage can cause to health.

Models the Hatchback and the Sedan
4. Remove an exhaust system.
5. Measure length of the carving core which is coming out from the jack of cables of a manual brake.
6. Flat-nose pliers fix from проворачивания a cable of a manual brake, unscrew a nut, крепящую the jack, and remove the jack from a carving core.
7. Remove a clamp and disconnect a cable from the draught located in a back part of the lever of a manual brake.
8. Release a cable of a manual brake from clamps on a fuel tank and the bottom of the car and move it aside from a fuel tank.
9. Disconnect electric wires from the gauge of level of fuel.
10. Unscrew a bolt, крепящий a pipe fuel filler mouths to the car bottom.
11. Loosen the collars also remove a hose from a pipe fuel filler mouths.
12. A jack through wooden брусок support a fuel tank.
13. Unscrew nuts (the nut is specified by an arrow), fastening the belts supporting a fuel tank, then remove belts and lower a tank so that it was possible to disconnect the remained hoses of ventilation of a fuel tank.
14. Lower a fuel tank and take it from under the right party of the car.
15. Visually check up a condition of a fuel tank outside.
16. If in a fuel tank there is a deposit or water, remove the gauge of level of fuel and wash out a fuel tank a considerable quantity of pure fuel. At presence on a fuel tank of mechanical damages restore a fuel tank in a specialised workshop or replace it.

The prevention

Do not restore a fuel tank independently with application of welding or the soldering as in a tank there are steams of fuel which are explosive.

Models the Versatile person and the Van
17. Removal of a fuel tank is made similarly taking into account following moments.
18. It is necessary to unscrew топливозаливную a pipe (in drawing the arrangement of screws of fastening fuel filler pipes on models the Versatile person is shown).
19. It is not required to disconnect a cable of a manual brake and to remove an exhaust system.


Installation is made in sequence, return to removal. If necessary replace collars and hoses, adjust a cable of a manual brake.

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