Opel Kadett E

1984-1991 of release

Repair and car operation

Opel Kadett E
+ 1. The maintenance instruction
+ 2. Weekly checks and service in a way
+ 3. Maintenance service
+ 4. The engine
+ 5. System of cooling, heating and ventilation
- 6. Fuel and exhaust systems
   - 6.1. Models with the carburettor
      6.1.1. A technical characteristics
      6.1.2. Use unleaded gasoline
      6.1.3. Removal and installation of the case of the air filter
      6.1.4. System of adjustment of temperature of air arriving in the engine
      6.1.5. Check, removal and installation of the fuel pump
      6.1.6. Removal and installation of the gauge of level of fuel
      6.1.7. Removal and installation of a fuel tank
      6.1.8. Removal, installation and adjustment of a cable of an accelerator
      6.1.9. Removal and installation of a pedal of an accelerator
      6.1.10. Removal, installation and adjustment of a cable of management air заслонкой
      - 6.1.11. Carburettors
         + Adjustments on the carburettor 32 TL
         + Adjustments on the carburettor 35 PDSI
         + Adjustments on the carburettor 1В1
         - Adjustments on the carburettor 2Е3
            - The carburettor is established on the engine
      Turns of idling and quality of a fuel mix
      The accelerated turns of idling
      Vacuum moving заслонки
      Adjustment of the shock-absorber throttle заслонки
            + The carburettor is removed from the engine
         + Adjustments on carburettor Varajei II
      6.1.12. Check of the electromagnetic valve of a stopping delivery of fuel
      6.1.13. Removal and carburettor installation
      + 6.1.14. Carburettor repair
      6.1.15. Removal and installation of an inlet collector
      6.1.16. Removal and installation of a final collector
      6.1.17. Removal and installation of a heater of an inlet collector
      6.1.18. Removal and exhaust system installation
   + 6.2. Models with system of injection of fuel
   + 6.3. Models with engines 16D and 16DA
   + 6.4. Models with engines 17D and 17DR
+ 7. Start and gymnastics system
+ 8. Ignition system
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. Transmissions and power shafts
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. A suspension bracket and a steering
+ 13. A body
+ 14. Electric schemes Vacuum moving заслонки

The prevention

This adjustment can be executed also on the carburettor which has been removed from the engine.

1. Remove the air filter.
2. Unscrew three screws and uncover заслонки and a sealing ring.
3. Without disconnecting hoses of giving of a cooling liquid from a cover заслонки, move a cover aside. Keep in mind that the loop () on the end of a bimetallic spring is combined with the drive lever заслонки ().
4. Move the drive lever заслонки before full closing air заслонки. Establish the screw of the accelerated turns of idling on the highest step of a cam.
L models 1,3
5. Through a hose (it is specified by an arrow), the closest to the carburettor, create vacuum in the management block заслонкой. Slightly press the drive lever заслонки, turning the lever clockwise, and check up a backlash air заслонки, inserting a shaft of a drill of the demanded diameter.
6. For adjustment rotate the screw located sideways of a casing заслонки.
Models 1,4 and 1,6 l
7. Disconnect two vacuum hoses from the moving block заслонки and, using a small screw-driver, press the adjusting screw of moving заслонки before occurrence of notable resistance. Using a shaft of a drill of the corresponding diameter, measure a backlash between the bottom party air заслонки and a wall of the primary chamber. The backlash size should be equal to a small backlash заслонки the movings, resulted in subsection 6.1.1.
8. If necessary establish a demanded backlash, rotating the adjusting screw in a corresponding direction.
9. Establish a cover air заслонки, thus the loop of a bimetallic spring should be combined with the drive lever заслонки. Combine labels (are specified by arrows) in a cover and a casing заслонки and tighten screws of fastening of a cover.

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